COVID NEWS for the 2021 ST. LOUIS STAR BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS  as of February 26th.​

We are just 12 days away from the St. Louis Star Ball, March 11-13 2021, and we are still taking entries! We have had many enquiries about our deadline and covid precautions. We understand people want to be both safe and sure before committing. That is why we have made some special allowances this year.

  • Please go ahead and enter if you are considering coming. It is easier to plan the competition with an overcount, rather than an undercount.

  • If you end up getting sick or feel unsafe and wish to cancel then by all means feel free to do so with no penalty or hard feelings.

  • If you plan to enter but want to bring your money straight to the competitions instead of pre-paying then feel free to do so.

  • If you have already paid up (thank you) but end up getting sick or we end up cancelling (not going to happen though!) then we offer the option to either fully refund your money or provide a full credit to next year’s competition… totally your choice.


As organizers of this event, we believe it is our responsibility to minimize the risks associated with COVID-19 to the fullest extent. Please read the following precautions and guidelines. We realize these policies may not please everyone but we are simply acting in the best interest and safety of all our fellow dancers. We ask you to adhere to this guidelines. These are subject to change based on our hotel policies.


Entering the St Louis Star Ball Wing

  • All attendees will be subject to once-daily temperature checks upon entering the St. Louis Star Ball wing.

  • Your printed name and contact information will be required to be taken to satisfy local regulations regarding contact tracing.

  • Your hand will be stamped indicating that you have had your temperature taken and completed your contact form.

  • You will be given your own pen and we ask that you keep it with you to use during the course of the competition.


Check-In & Registration

  • Check-in limited to one studio at a time per desk.


  • We will provide contactless credit card opportunities at the registration desk to minimize touching.



  • The competition will take place in the hotel ballroom which is has a capacity of 1000 people. We will be operating at less than 25% capacity.

  • There will be no more than 1 studio, and 8 people per table.

  • Tables will not mix studios or groupings.

  • In-depth cleaning of the ballroom will occur between sessions.

  • There will be no on-deck. Couples will enter the floor from their tables.

  • There will be no public water stations. Bottled water will be provided.

  • Hand sanitizer is provided at all entrances and tables.

  • There will be a separate entrance and exit to the ballroom.

  • No admission tickets will be given or taken as you enter and exit the ballroom. Be prepared to have your hand stamped and to show it each time you enter the St Louis Star Ball wing, and again at the ballroom entrance.



  • All attendees and spectators are required to wear masks in the St. Louis Star Ball wing, vendor area, registration, and in the ballroom while not dancing or drinking liquids.

Judges and Officials

  • All officials are required to wear masks unless drinking liquids
    (EMCEE excluded).

  • Officials will either sit on stage or stand but will remain 6 feet apart. They will be not move round the dance floor while judging once they enter.



  • Single dance awards will not be presented on the floor, but will still be announced. Those that wish to pick up a print out of their placements may do so at the registration desk shortly after placements have been announced.

  • Multi-dance and Scholarship awards will be presented on the floor. All winners are required to wear masks to collect the award from a table on the floor and remain 6 feet apart with masks for pictures.



  • Breakfast and dinner tickets are available.

  • Breakfast in the restaurant will be a buffet that is plated for you.

  • The restaurant is open for lunch.

  • Dinners will be served in the top floor banquet room with large widely placed tables. All dinners will be plated and served. There will be no buffet.

  • Breakfast and Dinner times will be extended to allow more flexibility and ability to minimize traffic.

  • ToGo boxes will be provided upon request so that you may take your with you.

Donna, Eddie, and Larinda want you to know that we are grateful to all of you that are planning on coming this year. We are excited to see you, and cheer you on while you dance. We hope you will be able to attend and celebrate your dancing with us, as safely as possible.  If you need anything or have more questions please do not hesitate to call and ask.

Larinda McRaven, Eddie Stutts, and Donna Hamza